Action Plan

Component 2: Climate smart package of practices for the district 

Implementation Status

2.1 Water harvesting structure creation in the selected area for irrigation (Additional fund if required can be included from other funding programme)    Details of Implementation Schemes [GIS Maps]
Lift Irrigation Schemes
Micro Irrigation Schemes
Irrigation Channels

2.2 Moisture Management for vegetables (micro and drips- 80% amount is subsidised i.e 30% GoI and 50% from GoHP)  
2.3 Promotion of Inter-cropping of maize and pulses and SRI Cultivation in late but excess moisture condition (training component)  
2.4 Introduction of legumes and other green fodders as well as Early on-setting cultivars of fruits  
2.5 Small ponds at community level, Small run-off management measures and Linking of Livestock improvement in the proposed area Details of Implementation Schemes [GIS Maps]
- Village Ponds
2.6 Soil testing and soil-moisture management system. Micro-nutrient application as per soil test findings as well as Nutrition and pest Management Plan for each crop in project locations;  

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