Action Plan

Component 6: Project/Programme Execution cost (including formulation cost ) 


Implementation Status

6.1 Setting benchmarks for project execution and linking it to common and specific adaptation actions;       
6.2 Mobilisation of community, consultation and finalization of overall strategy in a participatory manner;  
6.3 Finalisation of priority actions by agro-climatic situation and specific to crop;  
6.4 Documentation of project learning from time to time;  
6.5 Mapping climate benefit of adaptive practices and overall adaptation benefits;  
6.6 Tracking / documenting climate specific parameters in the project locations;  
6.7 Constitution of Project Steering Committee (PSC) and review of project dimensions;  
6.8 Constitution of Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and review;  
6.9 Project monitoring, Supervision and Reporting.  

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